Biologics are a rapidly growing segment in therapeutics due to higher selectivity, potency and reduced side effects. However, many biologics are not viable due to stability issues and short half-lives.

Optimeos Life Sciences is developing a novel and proprietary encapsulation technology, which enables the synthesis of customizable nanoparticles in an easy, robust, and scalable fashion. The self-assembled nature of these particles allows for encapsulation of biologic drugs with high yield and loading capacity. The nanoparticles are tunable in size, hydrophilicity, biodistribution, and surface chemistry.

The core Flash NanoPrecipitation and Inverse Flash NanoPrecipitation technologies licensed from Princeton University, has successfully demonstrated encapsulation of fluorescent dyes, hydrophilic and hydrophobic drug substances, as well as inorganic materials within nanoparticles in a controlled manner. By using functionalized polymers, this encapsulation technology has created targeted nanoparticles for diagnostics and drug delivery. The targeting ligands on the functional polymer coatings range from sugars and peptides to monoclonal antibodies.